Pool Opening & Closing

This is one of those areas most folks “love it”…. or “hate it”

If you enjoy doing the weekly maintenance of your pool, perhaps we can help by getting you off to a fresh start with our proven approach to opening your pool. While it is true that we can provide an “ala carte” approach to opening or closing your pool, the happiest customers are those who have us do a thorough and complete opening of their pool. All of our service work is done on a time and material basis so that we can customize our service to the needs of your situation while charging only for what your requirements dictate.

 Germantown | Richfield | Hubertus | Menomonee Falls | Mequon Pool Opening

 A typical inground pool opening includes:
  • Remove, clean, fold and put the pool cover away.
  • Remove the winter plugs
  • Reinstall your hydro-stream flow fittings, baskets, light, ladder, and hand rails
  • Vacuum your pool to waste with our heavy duty trash pump to remove settled debris
  • De-winterize the pump, filter, heater, and chlorinator.
  • Start up the equipment
  • Add the initial start up chemicals
  • Hose off the deck
  • Lower the deck anchors or clean and put away your water bags
  • Provide your chemicals for the month, or the season.
A typical inground pool closing includes:

Vacuum the pool to waste to remove accumulated leaves and debris, as we lower the water for winter Remove fittings, baskets, light, Ladder and rails Add closing chemicals to the pool. Blow out the equipment and piping as we install winterizing plugs. Add swim pool anti freeze to skimmer(s), and pump(s) Cover the pool.

To request an estimate for inground pool opening and closing, please fill out our online form or call us at 262-246-6667.