Weekly Pool Maintenance

Something not working right? We can find out why and explain your options to get it resolved. Since 1980. Rainbow Pools has seen thousands of different pools and almost every configuration possible . We use that experience to help you choose the best parts, supplies and services your pool needs at an affordable price. We can quickly carry out any needed repairs and get your pool back in full operation.

Why not reward yourself with having us take care of the work so you can enjoy your pool?

During our routine visit we;

  • Vacuum and/or brush the pool tile, walls and floor
  • Test the water
  • Adjust the water chemistry
  • Fill the chemical feeder(s)
  • Clean the pump and skimmer baskets
  • Clean the filter
  • Cycle the heater to be sure it is working
  • Monitor the condition of the equipment
  • Add water to the pool if needed

For more information about our weekly services, please contact us at 262-246-6667 today!